Want to Lower Your Utility Bills?

Switch to an energy-efficient water heater

If your showers turn ice cold after just a few minutes, you may have a problem with your water heater. Berger Plumbing LLC offers professional water heater installation, replacement and repair services. We install A.O. Smith water heaters and North Star water softeners. We'll upgrade you to a new, energy-efficient system. The system will work to keep your water warm and your energy bills low.

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3 signs you have hard water

Hard water can damage your pipes, fixtures and belongings. With the right water softener, you can enjoy clean and safe water throughout your home.

Here are three signs you may have hard water:

  1. Soap scum builds up on your faucets and fixtures.
  2. Your dishes and glassware get water spots consistently.
  3. Your skin feels dry or itchy after a shower or bath.

Do you notice these problems in your home? Contact Berger Plumbing to schedule your water softener installation today.